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We expect you to check out by 2pm so that we can prep the premises for the next set of guests. Check in time remains at 4pm
We have a cosy little house with 2 bedrooms with twin bed and attached bathrooms. 2 dorm style rooms are also available – each with 6 bed each. Usually a group of 20 to 25 people stay in this.

Yes. Renting tents, fishing equipment, edible and ornamental fish, rock-painting kits, and other souvenirs will be charged additionally to the per-night payment.

No! we don’t provide any breakfast brunch dinner etc; There is a well-equipped kitchen with gas, utensils, cups and plates at the farmhouse which can be used for cooking purposes. There are restaurants near the farm stay and they will be delighted to take the order. Please note we do not have any liaisons with the nearby restaurants. Alternatively, you can also place an order with our farm for the fresh poultry or fish, which can be cooked / barbecued at farm stay. Our meat are devoid of any antibiotic or growth hormones.
Hydroponics is an ancient form of agriculture that has evolved over the centuries into a smart mode of farming. It uses just the right proportion of nutrients dissolved in water. The nutrient-laced water is fed to the roots of the plant through modes like nutrient film techniques (NFT), ebb & flow, deep water culture, and drip system among others. Instead of soil to hold and grow plants and crops, we can use media such as perlite, clay balls, cocopeat, rock wool, and the like. Hydroponics is famous for growing vegetables locally and commercially without naturally nutrient-rich soil. The UAE has seen the benefits of this type of hydroculture and you can find the virtue of these systems as well when you visit Green Land Farm.

Yes! If you book on weekdays, a substantial discount awaits you. We also offer discounts on our home hydroponics systems.

The maximum number of pets per party is ___ . Keep in mind, your dogs and cats might need to interact with the animals on the farm, so they must be trained and sociable towards other dogs, stray cats, hens, pigeons, ducks, goats, and fish. We also have valuable crop plantations all through the farmland and your pets must not eat, soil, or damage the crops in any way. If you feel this does not suit the free nature you expect, kindly reconsider. We are a green and animal-friendly establishment and this gentle expectation must function both ways.

While we do not provide a television set, the house and dorm have 5G WiFi access you can use throughout your stay. You can also use the sound system to find your favourite radio stations or connect to your own devices to play music and shows (audio only).

Absolutely! We sell on a commercial and individual basis depending on requirements and season. We have fish, chicken, duck, and certain crops such as the moringa that are available for our guests to buy during their stay or at the end of it. We also sell home-based hydroponics systems that are documented to produce twice as much as the traditional farming methods can. These systems are ready for long-term use in your house.

Wadi Al Ais and Wadi Al Aim are at relative distances outside the farm. Yes, you can pack up some food and clothes to drive over to the sites. Bask in the serene landscape and enjoy the scenic beauty of unencumbered nature.

Yes. We charge an additional cost as little as AED 500 AED for dormitories.
We are located in Adhen village, RAK. No off-road driving is required; we are located next to the main road. You will take roughly around 5 minutes to reach farm from the nearest petrol; station of Adhen
Yes of course. A large barbecue grill is available at the farm stay. You can either bring the prem marinated meat, fish or veggies from home or outside or you can order the dressed chicken, ducks and cleaned fish (mainly Tilapia) from our farm. Our produce is devoid of antibiotics and growth hormones. Please bring coal, fan and other barbecue accessories with you. You may contact the farm manager, in case you wish to buy them.
Yes! We have couple of ponds where you can spend time with your friends and family in a perfect fishing venture. You can rent an angler from our farm manager at a minimum cost. Fish’em ,grill’em. and eat’em

Yes, please take prior permission from the farm manager. 500 AED per night

Yes, There is a shared basic facility available for campers

Barbecue stations are available at the camp site. You can buy the pre-marinated fish, duck etc., from our facility.
Due to hygiene and safety reasons we don’t allow any one inside the farm but can view it through glass
Yes. Contact resources for one day training are in the website. For on site training contact us directly
We don’t encourage pets inside the farm


Please take a moment to review our frequently asked questions (FAQs) before reaching out to us with any inquiries. If you still have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us using the information provided below: